Interior Design

Our interior spaces craft narratives that resonate deeply with those who occupy them.
At Populous, we believe in the transformative power of interior spaces. Our design ethos emphasizes creating environments that go beyond visual appeal, engaging with the user’s emotions and experiences at a fundamental level.

Each project is a narrative journey, where the interior architecture plays a key role in shaping memorable moments, whether that’s the buzz of a cup final, the excitement of a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience, or the thrill of seeing a rock star live and in person. This approach is about much more than just decoration; it’s about using space, form, and materials to connect with individuals on a personal level, ensuring each venue tells its own unique story.

Our design process is inherently user-centric, aiming to create spaces that resonate deeply with those who use them. By fostering a collaborative relationship with our clients, we’re able to provide them with a vision that elevates their space beyond simple aesthetic beauty and into something truly memorable. Attention to detail is paramount. Every aspect of a fan’s journey from the exterior to the interior is meticulously crafted to make each event unforgettable.

We even have our own in-house Product Design team that works closely with specialist manufacturers to create furniture and other interior design elements whenever our requirements aren’t met within the existing marketplace. This results in truly bespoke spaces tailored specifically to the exact needs of our clients.

How We Do It

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    Engaging with the client's narrative

    Every project begins with a deep dive into the client's story. Our design teams engage in collaborative visioning workshops with our clients to understand and map out the journey of the project.

    This initial phase is crucial for establishing a design foundation that’s unique and builds towards the client's objectives, resulting in spaces that are deeply connected to the stories they aim to tell.

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    Fan first experience

    Our projects encompass a dramatic range of scales, from busy concourse bars and intimate VIP lounges to enormous auditoriums. Regardless of size, we always put the fan at the heart of our designs.

    The challenges we face lie in balancing aesthetics with functionality, while choreographing a visitor’s experience on the day of an event. This balance involves a detailed understanding of materials, construction, and budgeting to create environments that are visually impressive, operationally efficient and adaptable to various events and uses.

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    From concept to completion

    We offer a full turnkey approach, which covers everything from developing the initial brief and concept with the client, right through to design completion and eventual handover on site. This comprehensive method allows us to maintain a high level of quality and coherence throughout a project’s lifecycle.

    Our expertise in interior design, rather than merely decorating or picking finishes, informs the creation of spaces that enhance the overall experience of visiting them.

More projects

19 items.
  • Palm Desert, United States 2022 Acrisure Arena
  • Saint Paul, United States 2019 Allianz Field
  • Calgary, Canada 2024 BMO Centre
  • Springfield Central, Australia 2022 Brisbane Lions Brighton Homes Arena
  • Louisville, United States 2024 Churchill Downs
  • Pampanga, Philippines 2021 Clark International Airport
  • Manchester, United Kingdom 2024 Co-op Live
  • Sydney, Australia 2019 CommBank Stadium
  • Foxborough, United States 2023 Gillette Stadium North End Zone
  • Sydney, Australia 2016 ICC Sydney
  • Osaka, Japan TBC Kansai International Airport
  • London, United Kingdom 2016 London Olympic Stadium Transformation
  • London, United Kingdom 2007 The O2 Arena
  • Brisbane, Australia 2003 Suncorp Stadium
  • Sydney, Australia 2023 Sydney Swans HQ
  • Atlanta, United States 2017 Truist Park
  • Elmont, United States 2021 UBS Arena
  • London, United Kingdom 2017 The Warner Stand at Lord’s Cricket Ground
  • Coffs Harbour, Australia 2022 Wiigulga Sports Complex

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