Clark International Airport

Pampanga, Philippines

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CHALLENGE. Populous is the lead interior designer and retail planner for Clark International Airport’s new terminal in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. The design seeks to create a space that is international in its standards while creating an airport with a strong sense of place: one that reflects the local natural and cultural heritage.

The province of Pampanga in which Clark International Airport is situated, offers a variety of spectacular natural scenery from lava river beds to lush green mountains and teal blue volcanic lakes. Populous drew inspiration from this to select a material palette which reflects this vibrancy and avoids the neutral, beige palette of many airports around the world.

The 100,000 square metre building will meet global standards in terms of operations, creating an airport the region can be proud of. Longevity is also crucial, with the facility flexible enough to adapt to changes in retail, hospitality and security needs throughout the client’s 25-year concession to operate the airport.

INNOVATION. Passenger experience is at the heart of the interior design. Reflecting the colour and energy of the local people, exhibitions by local artists and flexible event spaces provide a fresh new experience each time passengers fly in and out.

The event space is the epicentre of the building, and features lanterns from the local community suspended from the ceiling. This artwork creates a visual beacon which can be seen from almost anywhere in the Departures area, drawing passengers through the retail space and creating a stimulating place to linger.

Well-planned processing facilities will limit queuing time and intuitive circulation will make it easier to navigate through the terminal.

IMPACT. By working thoughtfully with the facility operators, end users and key stakeholders, Populous has designed an innovative solution for Clark International Airport that is functional, experiential and authentic. The successful integration of the many visible and behind-the-scenes systems that impact airlines, operators, vendors and regulatory agencies, has created an airport that provides a positive passenger travel experience and a distinct spirit of place.


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