College Football Playoff

Multiple Locations, United States

The highest level of college football underwent a historic shift in 2015. A four-team playoff injected even more drama to the bowl season, while a new National Championship Game arose. The resulting College Football Playoff has raised the stakes for teams and event organizers alike. That’s why the College Football Playoff Administration has entrusted us with its design every year since.

Our team plays multiple roles in the event: master planner, overlay designer, site manager and project manager. We’re also part of the overall operations team for the National Champion Game. We take the most pride, however, in teamwork. Coordinating the numerous groups involved in the playoff’s production — from stadiums and their personnel to local fire and police departments — leads to an amazing game day experience.

One of the largest events held in the United States each year, the College Football Playoff has created no shortage of memories in its early history. Behind the scenes, we’ve created many of the standards for the event. It’s those standards that help create game day environments for 70,000 ticketed fans in less than a week and three times over.