Unrivaled expertise in bringing the world’s biggest events to life
All of Populous’ collective design expertise ultimately culminates in one thing: the event. We work at all scales, having developed intimate one-off experiences, all the way up to major international multi-day festivals.

Our venues have hosted some of the most prestigious events in sports and entertainment, from the FIFA World Cup and the Super Bowl, to the Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our unmatched understanding of venue design has allowed us to transcend traditional boundaries, bringing all of our architectural knowledge into the world of event planning.

Populous has experience at every level of the event ecosystem. We have designed and developed new events in all corners of the globe, like the MDLBeast music festival in Saudi Arabia, and combined entertainment in new ways, such as fusing live music with sport, as we did at the 2023 AIG Women’s Open golf championship.

We’re able to manage complex, multifaceted projects, balancing overlay design, operations, and accreditation to ensure that every event is a moment in history, remembered for the profound impact it has on the millions of people watching.

Overlay: Our team of event specialists includes professionally-trained architects, a rarity in the world of large-scale events. When coupled with innovative thinking, this technical and operational expertise creates a bold vision and the plan to make it a reality. We take permanent architecture and transform it through the use of temporary structures and immersive design elements. Our temporary wayfinding and signage systems, meanwhile, guide stakeholders every step of the way.

Operations: When it matters most, you need a trusted team on the ground to handle any situation. We think three steps ahead, planning for the unplannable and helping the show go off without a hitch. Our knack for operational readiness starts from day one of planning.

Accreditation: Our streamlined accreditation system starts months before the big day with registration and continues with convenient pickup. From there, strategic planning and zoning mean all the pieces and key players fall into place.

How We Do It

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    Process-driven approach

    Each project is different and our scope varies from one event to the next. One thing that never changes is our belief in the power of a well-defined process. We’re often involved as early as pre-bid planning for a major event. From that point on, right through to close out, we map out every fine detail, identifying each component needed to deliver something spectacular.

    This meticulous planning ensures flawless results, allowing us to tackle complex challenges and turn them into seamless, awe-inspiring experiences for our clients and their audiences.

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    Building close relationships

    Our close relationships with event organizers mean we understand their operations intimately and provide planning services that build on our comprehensive knowledge of venue design. Throughout the entire planning process, we’re linked hand in hand with our clients. It’s the only way we can properly appreciate their needs. They find it reassuring and it allows us to solve any challenges they might face as soon as they arise. It’s this level of service that sees our clients returning time and again.

    We have helped stage every Super Bowl since 1987 and every Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games since 1996, while our relationships with the NHL, MLB and NCAA have endured for decades.

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    Taking events to new markets

    We have helped our clients set up new events in far-flung regions, or move existing events into new territories, bringing the NFL and MLB to London in moves so successful they have become permanent fixtures in the sporting calendar.

    We know what works, and we can give strategic advice about taking a specific event, team or brand into untested markets.

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