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Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States

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CHALLENGE. North Carolina’s Fort Bragg had never hosted a Major League Baseball game. Neither had the state, for that matter. The military base lacked a ballpark, let alone one that met Major League specifications. In spite of all of this, the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins treated 12,500 service members and their families to a once-in-a-lifetime experience on July 3, 2016. Before it could happen, our team of architects and event specialists had to design a temporary game day environment unlike any other from the ground up.

INNOVATION. The most populated military installation in the world, Fort Bragg takes up plenty of space, 251 square miles covering four counties to be exact. So when Major League Baseball and its Players Association set their sights on bringing a regular season game to the base, the challenge quickly became logistical. Where – and how – do you erect a one-time professional ballpark in the middle of a military base?

  • Outfield graphics paid tribute to Fort Bragg units such as the 82nd Airborne Division and United States Army Reserve Command.

As an abandoned golf course emerged as a prime candidate, our team got to work fleshing out all the facilities that would be needed to house a big league game. From the seating bowl to support spaces for IT, media and the like, every aspect of a ballpark was designed with intention – and at a brisk pace. Within months of the idea being hatched, we had created an initial design.

IMPACT. The fact that construction came together in the span of roughly four months is a testament to all the involved parties sharing a common purpose: honoring our service men and women. Having worked with Major League Baseball on the previous 15 All-Star Games only added to the chemistry. In the end, Fort Bragg’s finest enjoyed an Independence Day celebration like no other. The ballpark has since been dismantled, but the MLB-quality field still remains for the de facto city of 250,000 to enjoy and re-live its Major League moment.

This is the best venue I’ve ever played in. I’ve played in Yankee Stadium, in the playoffs. There is nothing like tonight.

Don Mattingly / Miami Marlins Manager
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