Groupama Stadium and Training Centre

Lyon, France

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    Stadiums, Training Facilities

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    Concerts, Soccer

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    Architecture, Brand Activation, Wayfinding, Master Planning

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CHALLENGE. As befits one of the best French football teams of recent times, with seven consecutive Ligue 1 titles between 2002 and 2008, Groupama Stadium – previously known as Parc Olympique Lyonnais – is designed to represent and fuel the future aspirations of the club, but also of the city of Lyon itself.

The design objective for Olympique Lyonnais was to create a building which is a perfect marriage between nature and technology; a stunning stadium that respects its surroundings. The 59,186-capacity stadium is a word-class venue, equipped with all the necessary features required by UEFA to host international tournaments and events, beginning with the UEFA Euro 2016 Finals. The design takes inspiration from the unique relationship that Olympique Lyonnais’ fans have with their stadium; for example, the North and South Stands have been designed to respect and facilitate the OL fans’ tradition of singing to one another during games, creating a cacophony of noise and support.

INNOVATION. The experience of the supporter is always at the heart of a stadium, and is expressed in this design in three key ways: the approach; the discovery; and the intensity of the game or event. In order to maximise the atmosphere created by the fans, the stadium is enveloped by a huge roof structure, creating a canopy effect which echoes the local forests; protecting the spectators in the stands, amplifying the noise within and extending over a large part of the podium surrounding the stadium. This covering allows the match day experience to be extended, creating new spaces for fans to come together outside of the venue.

The roof also helps to create a civic space which can be used throughout the year, and that can be used for a range of activities and purposes, including cafes, stalls and pop-up events. The attraction and draw of this space is in its ability to serve a range of uses for the football club, as well as for the community of Grand Lyon, all year round.


“Groupama Stadium is a beautiful stadium, with an exceptional atmosphere that begins outside the enclosure and continues all the way through to the event inside. All the club’s aspirations, in particular to build a real home where the team felt like it belonged, have been perfectly realised by Populous. They have created a place where people can spend quality time with their families, whether that’s at a game of football, a rugby match, a concert, or just strolling around the parks and boulevards outside.”

Xavier Pierrot / Stadium Manager

IMPACT. The stadium itself is designed to offer maximum flexibility in usage, with the ability to host a range of sports in addition to football, including international rugby and concerts with capacities from 20,000 to 60,000. World-class facilities are available for every fan and visitor to the stadium, with bars, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, banqueting halls, more than 100 executive suites and eight corporate lounges. In 2016, Groupama Stadium was rated as the best stadium in the UEFA Euro 2016 Finals, by French magazine Le Moniteur.

At night, the roof lights of Groupama Stadium announce the new stadium from afar. A key feature that has been specifically designed to reflect the essence of Olympique Lyonnais, the city of Lyon, and the famous Fête des Lumières, the stadium has become a beacon for OL.