Daily's Place Amphitheater and Flex Field

Daily’s Place Amphitheater and Flex Field

  • Jacksonville
  • 2017

The design for Daily’s Place Amphitheater and Covered Flex Field extends the vitality of EverBank Field beyond the stadium’s walls. Informed by Jacksonville’s vast network of estuaries and delicate steel bridges which span the St. John’s River, this new River District delivers an icon to the City of Jacksonville. A dynamic roofscape canvases each program, providing the new state-of-the-art facility with a unique architectural expression and form. Long-span steel trusses and an elegant array of cables suspend the structure’s articulated fabric roof providing opportunities for natural ventilation, daylighting and dramatic LED lighting which brings each event space to life. The existing stadium’s bold structure supports its sports lighting system and massive video boards. These elements are complemented by the incorporation of prefabricated roof structure which functions to suspend the roofscape over the program, providing a heightened sense of place for the spectators below.

Supported by an array of sloped columns, the roofscape’s orientation emphasizes the relationship between EverBank Field, the amphitheater, the multi-use field and the waterfront. To further the integration of the new program, EverBank’s south end zone is opened to the new facility to the south, allowing for a public connection to the main field. Community, connectivity and event serve as the key drivers behind the siting of each program within a sophisticated combination of architectural languages and forms.

EverBank Field stands as one of the most distinctive in-game experiences in the world; this series of new programs and spaces will continue to transform the presence of the one of the most unique and multi-faceted entertainment destinations in North America.