Urban Design

Knitting our buildings into the fabric of a city
A good urban designer understands the way people live, move and interact with each other and with their environment. At Populous, our work is all about bringing large groups of people together and a significant part of that design process involves the surrounding context in which a venue or an event sits.

Masterplanning and placemaking are a natural extension of our architectural expertise in the mass movement of people, allowing us to create new urban environments that go beyond physical spaces to redefine the essence of city living.

From cities to campuses, our Urban Design team blends strategic thinking with an attention to detail. The result is powerful placemaking for communities that leads to long-term sustainable growth.

Target Field, in Minneapolis, is a perfect example of how a venue can maximize its setting in this case, by creating pedestrian bridges that connect the ballpark to the city while providing access to every possible form of public transport, as well as making connections to Target Plaza, the venue’s public gardens. In Hong Kong, our work on the Kai Tak Sports Park has brought together world-class retail, wellness, recreation and community facilities in a 28-hectare sports complex that is easily accessed from most parts of the city thanks to its excellent public transport connections.  

Our global perspective, enriched by deep-rooted expertise in sports, entertainment, and events architecture, gives us the ability to envision and create vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive places. We engage communities and stakeholders at every level, making sure our projects meet their needs today, while having the built-in adaptability to respond to their changing demands in the future.  

How We Do It

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    Innovating across sectors

    Our approach involves a unique blend of insights from various sectors, applying successful human experience design strategies from across disciplines to the urban public realm. This cross-sector innovation enables us to create vibrant, dynamic districts that transcend traditional urban design expectations, fostering environments where communities can thrive.

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    Context is key

    It’s important that the places we create are loved just as much by the people that use them on non-event days. We dedicate ourselves to understanding the deep connections each project has to its history and surroundings, emphasizing human scale and character in our designs.

    This focus on place and context allows us to craft legible, inclusive spaces that resonate with the community's identity, ensuring each project becomes a city-shaping landmark that’s used all year round.

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    Sustainability and resilience

    Populous is dedicated to creating urban spaces that are environmentally responsible and adaptable to future challenges. Through innovative design practices and materials, we aim to minimize environmental impact, promote biodiversity, and ensure our urban designs contribute positively to the health and well-being of both the planet and its inhabitants.

    This approach not only addresses the immediate needs of a project but also its long-term viability, ensuring our spaces can adapt and thrive in the face of changing climates and urban demands.

More projects

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  • Sydney, Australia 1999 Accor Stadium
  • Washington, D.C., United States 2018 Audi Field
  • Springfield Central, Australia 2022 Brisbane Lions Brighton Homes Arena
  • New York City, United States 2009 Citi Field
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2004 Dubai Autodrome & Business Park
  • Los Angeles, United States TBC Los Angeles Convention Center
  • San Francisco, United States 2000 Oracle Park
  • Baltimore, United States 1992 Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  • Pittsburgh, United States 2001 PNC Park
  • Ar-Rayyan, Qatar 2011 Qatar National Convention Centre
  • Sacramento, United States 2021 SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
  • Minneapolis, United States 2010 Target Field
  • Quebec City, Canada 2015 Videotron Centre
  • New York City, United States 2009 Yankee Stadium

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