Localhost in Philly

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

In response to a rapidly changing esports market, Nerd Street Gamers (Nerd Street) partnered with Populous to create a high-tech community gaming center that increases accessibility to gaming and serves as a connector between all levels of the gaming industry, from amateur to professional.

The gaming center is built into the ground floor of Philadelphia’s 1.3-million-square-foot landmark Terminal Commerce Building and is a Nerd Street Localhost venue. It hosts 20,000 square feet of space dedicated to esports, streaming and broadcasting, and provides the space and technology to power programs for educational institutions and local organizations. The remaining square footage serves as a practice facility for the local esports franchise, The Soniqs, as well as Nerd Street’s global headquarters.

The Localhost in Philly offers between 118 and 135 PC gaming setups in an area known as “The Pit,” a space where players can game during tournaments, or the general public can come in and use on off days. Teams and players battle it out on a stage built for finalist-level playing. And no two days at this Localhost look the same. The event space in the center of the room is flexible and can seat up to a few hundred people.

At the heart of the design was the concept of creating a nationwide model for Localhost locations across the U.S. Through this location, Populous and Nerd Street crafted a standard for a gaming landmark that furthers inclusivity and opportunity.

The facility is designed to allow Nerd Street to continue delivering award-winning broadcasts, videos and other esports content. It also houses the home training facility for the Soniqs’ pro esports team, as well as production studios that power Nerd Street’s Emmy Award-winning shows, as seen on ESPN and NBC Sports.