Simonds Stadium

  • Geelong
  • 2017

Simonds Stadium is the home of the Geelong Cats AFL side and has been a cherished part of the urban fabric for the City of Greater Geelong for almost 75 years. Whilst the Stadium is best known for its AFL match day usage, the Stadium is a truly multi-purpose venue with its diverse facilities being used for a range of elite and community level sports and events.

To enable this use to occur, the venue has undergone three stages of redevelopment since 2002. In late 2014, the Victorian Government confirmed its support and funding for the ongoing redevelopment of Simonds Stadium.

The redevelopment represented the fourth stage of works and involves the redevelopment of the western side of the ground.

Stage 4, will include the demolition and then redevelopment of the Brownlow and Jennings Stands on the Western Side of the ground. This stage will be the key stage of the Stadium’s redevelopment and will comprise a variety of components such as:

  • A wider range of new facilities aimed at improving the spectator experience
  • Increased seating including greater levels of undercover spectator seating
  • A new GFC social club
  • New training, administration and players facilities for the GFC
  • New facilities for the media and broadcasters
  • A large, multi-purpose function room
  • The  Sunrise  Centre,  a  facility  aimed  at  enabling  and  assisting  people  with  a disability in returning to work

It will also become the ‘front door’ at the stadium and be the entry point that the majority of spectators and visitors  will enter the building and will establish a person’s first impression of the venue.