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CHALLENGE. The desire of Olympic host cities to showcase the greatest spectacle of human athleticism only increases with every installment. It’s these lofty expectations that each new city readily accepts along with the honor of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. Having worked on every Summer Olympics since 1996, it’s a challenge we embrace as well.

INNOVATION. Our history with the Summer Games dates back to 1996, when Populous Founder and Senior Principal Jerry Anderson led the overlay design team for all of the Atlanta Games infrastructure and temporary venues. Since then we have consistently striven to make the Olympic event experience the most memorable and breath-taking in world sports. Having been involved with the planning and overlay design of every Summer Olympics since Atlanta, we’ve been at the forefront of experiential design on the global stage.

  • The Summer Olympics involve a variety of permanent and temporary venues.

We’ve championed the temporary use of venues and overlay, minimizing the demands and impact on the host city and intelligently concentrating the legacy efforts in the minimal infrastructure that remains post event. This sustainable approach was developed and implemented for the master plan of the London 2012 Games, which created 34 temporary venues in just six weeks that showcased central London as its backdrop.

Our history of cost-effective, urban event overlay design continues with the successful Paris 2024 Games bid master plan and venue strategy we were instrumental in developing for the Paris bid team. With these Games, the envelope of non-permanent venue design has been pushed even further. Venues like the river Seine, at the heart of Paris, will be used for the open swimming events.

IMPACT. The Summer Olympics are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate and revel in the human spirit. They’re also an opportunity — with proper planning, foresight and execution — to be a catalyst for change and improvement in the lives and surroundings of those connected to a Games. Our experience and rigor help host cities create true legacy value and deliver one of the world’s biggest spectacles.

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