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  • Augmented Reality in Sports

    We are seeing a lot of cutting edge technologies weaving into the forefront of the sport venue business.  Augmented reality is an interesting frontier which continues to provoke ones imagination as to the application into the live experience we embellish. It is intriguing to consider the possibilites that the athletes can ultimately…

  • Designing A Great Place

    It’s about more than designing a great place.
    It’s about designing the moments and the experiences within that place.
    It’s an expertise honed over three decades, one started because of an intuition that fans deserved better than the cookie-cutter ballparks of the day. The…

  • In Design We Trust

    Black Cube

    A year ago three students from the Köln  International School of Design, sought to test (presumably with tongue in cheek)  the design viability of a shiny black cube.
    They asked product, graphic and  architectural designers to critically assess the cube to ascertain how…

  • Can Anybody Be a Designer?

    “Can anybody be a designer,” asks Alice Rawsthorn of the New York Times in this recent article.
    Influenced by the likes of Buckminster Fuller and Bruce Mau, the argument in favor of expanding the definition of design beyond its professional application is now…