Populous Launches New Service, Populous Activate

Today, Populous announced the launch of a new service called Populous Activate. Populous Activate uses design to create an immersive fan experience, maximizing the exposure of our client partners and creating venues with reach far beyond the walls themselves.

Populous Activate is based on client needs and an ever-changing approach to sports business. The approach for Populous Activate is to view building design not just as bricks and mortar, but as an opportunity for valuable brand extension that can evolve with its surroundings and technological advancements.

“After almost 30 years of focus solely on the business of sporting venue design, this is a natural progression for us. We’re shifting from a commodity-based company to an ideas-based company,” said Brian Mirakian, Populous Principal and Director of Populous Activate. “It’s not just about producing architecture; it’s about creating ideas and a new way of thinking about the future of our industry.”

Populous Activate brings key experience specialists to the table – those focused on building needs, visitor needs and partner needs. This team of experts immerses themselves into the client’s brand, their partners’ brands and the building’s community influence to identify moments of opportunity for bringing brands to three-dimensional life.

By linking building design with brand design, brand activation and the fan experience, Populous Activate experts will work with clients and their partners to identify strategic opportunities for creating immersive fan engagement on all levels, locations and media formats for a transformative social experience. This integrated vision will develop buildings that optimize sponsor partnerships while providing a lively, adaptable response to visitor needs. Additionally, fans will have the ability to not only be influenced by their surroundings, but to individually shape their personal venue experience.

“Every idea generated by Populous Activate is directly correlated with driving more revenue for our clients,” said Mirakian. “It is a highly strategic, sophisticated approach to design.”

For further information please contact:
Gina Stingley at Populous
Telephone: 816 221 1500
Email: media@populous.com

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