Populous-Designed FFR Grand Stade on Display at the Arsenal Pavilion

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The exhibition “Sport, portrait d’une métropole” was launched on Monday 26 May 2014.

For three months Arsenal Pavilion, the Centre for architecture and urbanism‎, will become one of the largest playgrounds of the French capital.

Articulated around the story of the biggest sport’s equipment ‎of the capital since the beginning of the XXth century, the curators have transformed the Pavilion in a true sports venue featuring street golf, table tennis and broadcasting of all the sporting events of the summer.

In addition to these activities, workshops and conferences will be open to the public to discuss the impact of sport on our society.

The FFR Grand Stade is exposed and celebrated at this occasion. 

The FFR Grand Stade can be located on the massive interactive Google map display of 10m x 10m at ground floor and the main entrance level of the Pavilion but also at the first floor in the section displaying the history of large stadia in the Paris metropolis.

Venue details

Address : Pavillon de l’Arsenal – 21 boulevard Morland – 75004 Paris – France – métro 7 Sully Morland

Open dates: 27th May to 30th August 2014

Opening time:‎ Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am to 6:30pm and Sunday 11:00am to 6:00pm

Price information: free

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