Telstra’s “Connected Lounge” at ANZ Stadium Lifts the Bar for Fan Experience

Telstra has unveiled its Populous-designed “Connected Lounge” at ANZ Stadium – an imaginative and totally immersive game day experience for fans to attending a live sporting event. .

The former stock standard hospitality suite at ANZ Stadium has been converted into an interactive technology centre delivering content simultaneously using several platforms and held for the 2014 NRL Grand Finals.

Populous’ Head of Activate David Fleming said Telstra wanted the suite “totally reimagined”.

“Telstra’s brief was to turn the space into an environment that capitalized on Telstra’s recently installed wi-fi at ANZ Stadium, their vision for the NRL and create a truly unique & immersive experience for today’s fan” .

“The redesigned lounge is not intended as an exclusive corporate event, rather it’s meant to be the epicentre of fan engagement, creating brilliant experiences for our fans and customers.  We wanted to use technology to brings fans closer to the action, keeping them “connected” in an environment and atmosphere that was exciting”, said Telstra’s Group Media Manager, Matt McCann

“We wanted to create something different and now we want to roll this out in every Stadium in the country.  The idea is to cement our position in sport and make the fan experience at the live event even better than it is already.”  

Some of the features of the Connected Lounge include:

  • A “technology gateway” to transport fans into an immersive, technology rich environment. 
  • 2.5m x 6m video wall comprising 18 x HD Monitors with the potential for up to seven sources of different feeds
  • A designated area for NRL’s “Mission Control” team to dissect, create, monitor and then visualize all the real-time social data from the game and the latest stats. 
  • A purpose built area for Triple M’s “Grill Team” to conduct a live call from the suite
  • 3D surround sound to provide acoustic environment
  • LED coloured lighting which changes colour according to the teams playing 
  • Telstra’s “Life in Colours” theme and branding appears in all the furniture selection and suite objects
  • Sports, figures, celebrities and fans seamlessly interacting in the environment

All of this content – Triple M’s match call, Mission Control’s digital content and various celebrity interviews – is then made accessible via the ANZ Stadium App over the Stadium’s wi-fi.

Telstra's Connected Stadium

For more information about Telstra’s “Connected Lounge” please see:

Telstra’s website:

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