Home of the 12th Man

Texas A&M Kyle Field Redevelopment

  • College Station, Texas
  • 2015

Challenge: When completed in the fall of 2015, Kyle Field will represent the most extensive redevelopment of a collegiate athletic facility in history and will serve as a benchmark for future redevelopment projects at colleges across the nation. Centered around “The Home of the 12th Man,” this project embodies the belief that at Texas A&M, fans don’t just watch the game, they affect the game. 

Populous was challenged to design a facility that juxtaposes the team’s far-reaching legacy with a vision for the future of Aggie football that is iconic, timeless and communicates the prominence of the program that has spanned decades and generations upon generations of students, athletes and alumni.

Kyle Field will unify a campus experience around the power, traditions and majesty of one of the nation’s most beloved brands.

Innovation: The design embraces tradition, unifies the campus experience and communicates a powerful brand story. The design team set out to create the best college football experience in America through architecture that conveys the prominence, strength and grandeur that has come to be associated with Texas A&M. The new Kyle Field is the first stadium in history to be designed in response to demographic and market research.

 The redeveloped east side of the stadium will continue to house Texas A&M’s famous student section while the north side of the stadium will include Kyle Field Park, which, developed as a metaphor for a football field, will honor the great moments, teams and players that have been an important part of Texas A&M’s history. In addition, this public plaza will serve as the primary pre- and post-game gathering space for Aggies.

By engaging more than 24,000 fans, the candid input received directly shaped the design and outcome of the premium amenities, allowing the team to sell all premium products within two weeks and more than $225 million in value. The best experiences will lead to new revenue-generating heights on the west side of the stadium. There, premium seat holders will find the best offerings in college football. A fully landscaped, upscale tailgating and gathering area will lead to a majestic entrance for premium ticket holders. High-quality concessions, merchandising options and the Hall of Champions will also reside on this side of the stadium, which is composed of 116 suites, numerous high-end private clubs, 12 founder’s suites and 3 different sizes of loge boxes that provide a truly unique game day viewing environment for every fan. 

Finally, to enhance the noise level and intimidation factor at Kyle Field, the field will be lowered and seating moved closer to the action. Canopies have been added to create a more comfortable, intimate and amplified fan experience and the stadium’s four corners will be filled in with fans as well as new activation towers. These are exclusive destinations will create immersive branded experiences, amplifying the noise and providing the opportunity to create the most intimidating environment in all of collegiate athletics – an environment which has come to be associated with Aggie nation.  

Impact: The entire redevelopment, from start to finish, will be completed without impacting Texas A&M’s football schedule, allowing the team to continue to play in their beloved venue without interruption. When completed, Kyle Field will serve as a living monument to the uniqueness, the culture and the storied history that is Texas A&M.