A Modern Classic

Yankee Stadium

  • New York
  • 2009

CHALLENGE. The original Yankee Stadium, built in 1923, has long been considered the most iconic structure in the game of baseball. Enveloped in history, mystery and an environment many thought would be impossible to emulate, “the house that Babe built” was nearing the end of its storied life. More than 80 years later, Populous was bestowed with continuing the Yankee Stadium legacy by creating a new American icon.

INNOVATION. New York is one of the world’s greatest cities and the Yankees are a national treasure. The Populous-designed Yankee Stadium, completed in 2009, serves as a container of emotions to capture the revelry and pride needed to carry the most storied franchise in American sport into the next generation.

Illustrated in glass, steel and limestone, the ballpark’s skin is highlighted by a four-story limestone and granite façade inspired by the 1923 Bronx Stadium. The signature frieze from the original ballpark was recreated as a crowning element of the seating bowl, and the same field geometry that served as framework for yesterday’s legends will challenge tomorrow’s heroes.

Although the ballpark was built across the street from the original location, New Yankee Stadium has ignited a transformation of the Bronx community in which it is located.

The stadium reinvigorated the area, and also injected life into a franchise that arguably has the greatest history of any team in Major League Baseball.

IMPACT. The new community spirit surrounding the treasured team helped motivate the Yankees to succeed. With a loyal fan base and, most importantly, a new ballpark, the team won the World Series during New Yankee Stadium’s inaugural year.

By designing the new Yankee Stadium, Populous was able to produce a modern interpretation of baseball’s most prominent and historic brand. Yankee Stadium is a ballpark for the future with a soul of the past. It provides a special place where fans can gather and share the experience of what it means to be a Yankee.

Yankee Stadium serves as a tribute to the game, a testament to a team and a city, and a showcase for memories past and potential.