12 Defining Features of the Redevelopment of Kyle Field at Texas A&M

May 21, 2013

The redevelopment of Kyle Field is, hands down, the largest and most extensive redevelopment project in the history of collegiate athletics. It will set new standards, redefine the collegiate football game day experience and create the most intimidating home-field advantage in college sports. As a university, it’s an opportunity to juxtapose the storied history of Aggie football with future opportunities. Each and every detail in the redeveloped Kyle Field has been designed with the goal of creating an incomparable facility that is uniquely representative of Texas A&M, their traditions and the future of the program. In the spirit of the 12th man, let’s take a look at 12 defining features of the redevelopment of Kyle Field.

12. Expanded seating capacity
The redeveloped Kyle Field will have a seating capacity of 102,500, making it one of the five largest stadiums in collegiate football.

11. Loge seating
Three different types of loge seating will be available at the redeveloped Kyle Field and will offer more variety for fans looking for a unique game day experience.

10. Iconic canopies
The design incorporates two large canopies which will shade fans, amplify noise and create a more intimate and intimidating home field advantage.

9. Champions Hall
Champions Hall will be a tribute to the athletes, coaches and alumni who have come before. It will be used to display awards and trophies while recognizing some of the most impactful athletes in A&M’s history.

8. Plazas and gathering spaces
The new design incorporates numerous opportunities for fans to gather before and after games, including public walkways, plazas and gathering spaces that will allow for some of the best tailgating opportunities in collegiate athletics.

7. Kyle Field Park
Kyle Field Park will be the largest of these plazas. Located on the north side of the stadium between Kyle Field and the Memorial Student Center, the plaza will honor the great moments, teams and players of A&M’s history. Designed as a metaphor for a football field, it will be a public tribute to Aggie football.

6. Premium seating options
The west side of the stadium will be reserved for alumni, donors and premium ticket holders. Featuring “Victory Plaza,” a landscaped, upscale tailgating area, it will be a memorial to the university’s core values. Premium seating available will include 12 luxurious founders’ suites with high end finishes and theater style seats with a premier view of the field. In addition, a high-end private club will seat 3,900, while suites on the east and west will host 12-16 patrons in climate controlled or fully open spaces. In addition, three different types of loge boxes will be available.

5. Historic design
The design of Kyle Field is steeped in tradition. Materials have been selected that convey the prominence and strength of Texas A&M football, including glass, stone and brick, and the iconic architecture of Kyle Field has been in many ways preserved and enhanced.

4. Legacy Lounge
In another important move to enhance the fan experience, the Legacy Lounge has been added. It is located between the 40 yard lines and provides one of the most exclusive club experiences at Kyle Field and in all of college football.

3. Enhanced home-field advantage
By lowering the field seven feet and drawing seats closer to the field, we will enhance the already intimidating home-field advantage at Kyle Field. Fans will feel more intimately connected to the action on the field and will not just watch the game, but continue to affect the game.

2. Home of the 12th Man
The east side of the stadium has always been and will continue to be the home of A&M students and the 12th man. This will be displayed prominently on the stadium exterior while “The War Hymn” monument, a group of students reflecting the diversity of the student body, will be featured. In addition, the various groups who play a role in creating the intimidating 12th Man will also be honored on this side of the stadium, including yell leaders, the Fighting Texas Aggie Band and The Corps of Cadets.

1. The best game-day experience in collegiate athletics
Ultimately, Kyle Field will represent that best of the best in collegiate athletics. It will create a game day experience unlike any other that honors the tradition, culture and spirit of the university while providing the modern Aggie fan with every amenity and attraction they could need. The experience at the redeveloped Kyle Field will be something that will be lauded for generations to come and will serve as a turning point in the approach to the college game day experience. The iconic Kyle Field isn’t about emulating other facilities and their successes….it’s about paving the way for the future of college football facilities in a way that is wholly unique to Texas A&M.

The project is a tribute to the prominence of Texas A&M and an investment in the future of Aggie nation. As designers, we believe that Kyle Field will be a facility that defines those to come. Together, we are excited to have designed a facility representative of the university, the fan base and the definitive culture associated with one of the most iconic collegiate facilities in the nation.


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