Rogers Centre Renovations

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Toronto Blue Jays partnered with Populous for a multiyear $300 million privately-funded renovation that will transform Rogers Centre from a stadium into a ballpark through a series of projects focused on modernizing the fan experience and building world-class player facilities.

Rogers Centre was conceptualized as a multipurpose stadium when it opened in 1989 and has not undergone a large-scale renovation in its 34-year history. The scope of work will address the most important challenges with the current stadium, while not rushing the necessary long-term work needed to maintain the ballpark for future generations of fans.

Among the updates are reimagined fan areas that multiply the unique experiences available to take in a game, including distinct neighborhoods around the outfield, raised bullpens with surrounding seating, and structural revisions to move seats closer to the field of play. The Outfield District renovations are centered primarily on outfield and common areas that benefit all fans with a game ticket, including improved sightlines and numerous new areas for fans to congregate. Future renovations will provide additional enhancements to the infield and premium spaces, as well as additional world-class player facilities.

Two new spaces on the 500 level will replace rows of traditional stadium seats with bars that include drink rails, standing room areas and open terrace seating with views of Toronto’s iconic skyline. New social decks in the outfield districts were also added near seats in the 100 and 200 levels. The existing WestJet Flight Deck at the 200 level above center field has been completely refreshed with retro arcade games, a brewery-style menu and the same great vibe.

The transformation also began the process of enhancing player areas within the ballpark, something that will be elevated further during future renovations. Included were a 5,000 square foot best-in-class weight room to help players prepare, compete and recover; players’ family spaces to support the team behind the Blue Jays and enhanced staff spaces.