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Philippines Airport Summit

    October 27, 2016

Air travel in Asia is undergoing tremendous growth. Countries are scrambling to develop their “Mega Airport Project”. During the Philippines Airport Summit (27th October), Brett Wightman will join a panel discussion on “Developing Mega Airport Project in the Philippines”. Together with airport operators such as Vinci, NT Airports and the Philippines Civil Aeronautics Board, they will explore what the construction of a Mega Airport in the Philippines will mean and how to undertake such a challenging piece of infrastructure in a rapidly changing economic environment. Brett will discuss:

  • Passenger movement – how mega airports deal with such large numbers of passengers. Mega airports are beginning to have to deal with processing passengers much like major sporting events or world expos.
  • Designing for the passenger. It’s easy to loose track of the individual when designing such large pieces of infrastructure. But understanding the individuals travel patterns, spending habits etc. is the key to providing a successful project.
  • How are other countries tackling mega airports


LSAA (Lightweight Structures Association Australia) 2016 Conference

    September 1, 2016

Stadia roof typology through design methodology: The large urban scale of stadiums means the structure often simultaneously dictates the form and the architecture of the venue, though for the large span stadium structures only a limited number of typologies can be identified. It is a challenge to methodically select the best fitting structure while maintaining a fresh and different aesthetic language. By illustration of various case studies, Ron will elaborate on a number of structural stadium roof typologies, both lightweight and heavy, and how these were developed architecturally and structurally.


CityAge: San Francisco

    April 6, 2016

CityAgeSF_logo Populous Landscape Designer Alma Du Solier will join fellow urban planning thought leaders from across the globe at City Age: San Francisco this Wednesday, April 6. The two-day conference begins April 5 and looks at the business of city-building today, with a focus on partnerships among business and government. Alma will explore how urban projects exist within systems – both natural and man-made – and how they can connect on several levels with our cities. Visit CityAge to learn more about the event and register to hear Alma and others present.


2nd Annual Southeast Asia Modern Airport Summit

    April 6, 2016

Brett Wightman will be presenting to the 2nd Annual Southeast Asia Modern Airport Summit on "Airports and Major Events", specifically covering the activation of airports and cities to cater for major events. Brett's presentation will review case studies such as:

  • London Olympics overlay from the airport to the stadium
  • Heathrow Terminal 5
  • Dubai Expo
  • Australian Open Tennis
Brett will also explore what is possible for Jakarta during the 2018 Asian Games.