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MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

    February 27, 2015

Jon Knight, Senior Principal, will speak at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on a stadium innovation panel, alongside San Francisco 49ers President Paraag Marathe and Priya Narasimhan, CEO and founder of Yinz Cam. The presentation will take place February 27, 2015 and will cover fan-facing analytics and the value of the in-stadium experience.


US Conference of Mayors

    February 14, 2015

Bruce Miller, Senior Principal, sat on a panel February 14th at the US Conference of Mayors discussing professional sports facilities and their role in the culture and future of American cities. Bruce provided insight on the design process and the role sports plays in connecting a city’s anchor buildings and telling a larger story about the community.


Society of Women Engineers Annual Region i Conference

    February 28, 2015

Sherri Privitera, Principal at Populous, was the keynote speaker at the Society of Women Engineers Annual Region i Conference. Hosted in Kansas City on February 28th, the conference attracted more than 300 attendees from the region. Sherri discussed female leadership in a male dominated field and her career path.