Populous Selected for Master Plan of State-of-the-Art Equestrian Facility in Inner Mongolia, China

(Dec. 17, 2012) – Populous has been chosen to develop the master plan for an international equestrian project in Inner Mongolia in the People’s Republic of China. The project will incorporate four surrounding equestrian-themed villages.

Populous, which designed Nanjing Sports Park and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Masterplan, has been working in China for more than a decade. The firm has played a central role in the design of equestrian facilities globally and this latest project will include conceptual design and planning for one of the largest, most comprehensive equestrian facilities.

“Inner Mongolia is the most significant and historic horse-based culture in the world,” said Todd Gralla, Principal and Director of Equestrian Services at Populous. “It’s a privilege to get to participate in the design process for an equestrian project of this magnitude in the region. We will use our knowledge of Inner Mongolia, modern horse cultures and equestrian facilities across the globe to create the ideal international equestrian experience.”

The equestrian project, which at this time does not have a formal name, will be a center for excellence for horse breeding research and development in China and will provide education and equistructure support, including the services, knowledge and infrastructure required to grow the equine industry in China.

Each of the four equestrian villages, attached to a central facility, will be themed to represent a different international equestrian culture including Mongolian, South American, North American and European. The central equestrian venue will be capable of hosting special events, international competitions and the Ordos International Equestrian Festival each year.

“Not only will the center be a premier destination for equestrianism, it will be a major tourist attraction for the surrounding community and visitors to China,” said Populous Senior Principal Paul Henry, who directs projects in the Asia-Pacific region. “We’re looking forward to beginning work on the project and designing what will be the most extensive equestrian project in China to date.”

The Inner Mongolia project is one of many recent project wins for Populous’ equestrian group, who is working currently on the WestWorld Equidome, concept designs for the Colorado State University Equestrian Center and Pepsi Coliseum.

Please note that the project won by Populous is in Inner Mongolia, which is a province of China. Mongolia is generally referred to outer Mongolia and has its own sovereignty and government.

For further information please contact:
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