High Performance Design

Kansas State Basketball Training Facility

  • Manhattan
  • 2012

CHALLENGE.  After decades without a designated space to train, the K-State men’s and women’s basketball teams finally have a place to call home. The teams previously used facilities all over campus – from an old classroom that served as the women’s coaches’ offices to weight training in the school’s general weight room – and were desperately in need of a forward-looking facility that would provide a central home to practice, train, meet and study.  In addition to creating a superior training environment and recruiting tool, the new $18 million, 50,000 square foot training facility had to meld with the existing campus architecture while expressing the heritage of the K-State basketball programs.

Located on the East side of Bramlage Coliseum, the new training facility had to fit within a tight site with significant topographical challenges. This required a portion of the lower level to be dug into the hillside in order to accommodate the overall square footage of the facility and maintain ideal proximity to Bramlage Coliseum. The resulting plaza above provides valuable space for pre-game functions in the coliseum. Populous was challenged to architecturally connect the new training facility to existing athletic facilities as well as the main campus, inspiring a unified brand for K-State athletics.

INNOVATION.  Populous worked closely with the K-State coaches, trainers and athletes throughout the design process, developing a keen understanding of the very specific needs of each program in order to design a building that helps them achieve the highest levels of success on and off the court. The design team identified that there must be independence for each team while still providing efficient use of shared spaces. This resulted in the unique configuration of the practice courts- with two full courts situated end-to-end with generous run-off space and a vertically operable wall between the two to allow for additional space. In addition, it was key that the infrastructure incorporated current technology and had the capability to accommodate emerging technology and system changes. The interior is contemporary yet easy to maintain, with spaces like the locker rooms and team lounge ergonomically designed to accommodate the players. From the individual practice courts to hydrotherapy and sports medicine, the building is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the teams.

IMPACT. While K-State had an already established a home court advantage at Bramlage Coliseum on game day, it is now complemented with an ideal environment for the student athletes to work, train and study year round. The new Kansas State Basketball Practice Facility will help take the K-State men’s and women’s basketball programs success to the next level by enhancing the recruitment of student athletes, optimizing athletic performance and elevating the university’s brand.