University of Arkansas Basketball Performance Center

  • Fayetteville, AR
  • 2015

The Arkansas Basketball Practice Facility is a stand-alone building that will enhance the everyday operations for both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Programs by combining programmatic elements into one cohesive and efficient design. The main intent for the design is to create functional spaces that allow student-athletes, coaches and staff members to use daily but also improving the recruiting opportunities of both programs.

Currently, both the Men’s and Women’s basketball programs are housed in Bud Walton Arena directly north of the project site, across LeRoy Pond Road. This 19,000 seat arena is the game day facility for both programs and a highly important recruiting element. Although this arena is a main focal point for both programs, the spaces aren’t adequately sized for the current needs of Division 1 basketball programs.

The new Basketball Practice Facility will enhance the day-to-day efficiency of operations for each program significantly while providing cutting-edge technology and architectural aesthetics that integrate the facility seamlessly on campus. The main entry of the building will be at the practice court level which is considered the ground floor. This level will include practice gymnasiums, locker rooms, recruiting and player lounges, film rooms and wet areas for both programs. In addition, the coaches’ and staff locker rooms will be located on this level, directly adjacent to the practice court and easily accessible. Both programs will share an athletic training room, hydrotherapy and weight room and will have their own separate areas adjacent to their practice gym as well. All of these components will be designed to be comparable to or exceed the existing standard for NCAA Division 1 practice facilities. The coaches’ and staff offices will be located on the second level with viewing opportunities to the exterior. Both programs will share a reception/waiting area adjacent to the main lobby atrium which can also be used as a multi-purpose space. Building occupant users will park in lot 56D directly to the east of the facility. This existing lot will get re-designed in a highly efficient manor to maximize parking spaces.

Once this facility is complete, existing spaces occupied by the basketball programs will open up for key redevelopment opportunities in the arena. This will allow the athletic department at The University of Arkansas to enhance existing spaces to improve functionality issues within the arena.

·          65,000 SF
·          Film rooms
·          Locker Rooms
·          Recruiting Lounge