Audiovisual Consultancy

Multimedia experiences that bridge the gap between the spectator, the spectacle and the spectacular.
Live entertainment has come a long way. The days when all a performer needed was a sound system, a smoke machine and a set of strobe lights are long gone.

Events no longer occupy a single moment in time. They start with a build up that can last for weeks, months or even years, generating excitement for the attendees and the millions of fans who wish they could be there. And, after the curtain finally drops, the life of the event continues, recorded on hundreds of screens to be shared and reshared with a global audience of millions.

Our Audiovisual Consultancy is delivered through our specialist partner Experience Studios. They work alongside our wider design teams to ensure our venues are set up to deliver incredible multimedia experiences. With specialists in engineering and creative disciplines, the team offers experimental across the full spectrum of live events, from the permanent audiovisual strategy of major performance buildings, to temporary venues, to individual shows.

Whether we are tackling a brief that requires animated visuals to fill a screen 50 meters long, or an immersive soundscape installed within the confines of a historic building, our goal is always the same — to generate an experience the fans will never forget.

How We Do It

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    From one person to thousands

    Every project is approached with the individual in mind. Enhancing the personal fan experience feeds into the energy of the shared experience of the collective, setting the stage for unforgettable moments to be created.

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    A wide spectrum of talent

    Diversity is a powerful tool for creativity. Our team comprises of experts from around the globe, each bringing their own cultural influences to the table.

    And with specialists in engineering, audio visual design, performance venue design, acoustics, content strategy, 3D design, virtual design, sculpture and exhibition, the team are able to tackle a brief from every possible angle.

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    Support for as long as it’s needed

    The support we provide for each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client. That might mean bringing in a specialist operations team to ensure that the opening event is a success, or it might involve longer term involvement to bed in operations that will endure for the lifetime of a venue.

More projects

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  • Leeds, United Kingdom 2013 First Direct Arena
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2017 KL Sports City
  • London, United Kingdom 2016 London Olympic Stadium Transformation
  • London, United Kingdom 2019 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • London, United Kingdom 2009 Wimbledon AELTC

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