Food & Beverage Strategy

A bold new approach to hospitality
In recent years, attitudes towards food have changed dramatically. With an entire world of recipes and flavors at our fingertips, the world’s tastes have become more adventurous. Dining has moved beyond simple refreshment to become an experience in its own right. In step with that, there has been an evolution in what fans expect from the concessions available at live events.

Historically, food stands were located as an afterthought, in spaces that weren’t being used by a venue for anything else. At Populous, we have always considered F&B in our designs. Even so, its significance has grown and grown. Improving the hospitality offerings means that fans come to eat and drink at the venue rather than on the high street, which increases dwell time and boosts revenue.

To maximize this opportunity, Populous has brought something new to the sector a specialized F&B design service that can be employed at the earliest stages of a project, integrated within the architectural design itself. 

Perhaps more than in any other area, local knowledge plays a huge part in deploying an effective F&B strategy. Food is uniquely tied to culture and, as a global practice, we’re able to guide design decisions based on our decades of experience working in a wide variety of territories around the world. Sometimes it’s the little things, like knowing that the eKiosks popular in Europe won’t necessarily be accepted in the Middle East, where a personal touch is preferred. 

How We Do It

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    Early-stage involvement

    Our F&B service is unique because it can be employed right from the beginning of a project. That means we can develop a food strategy that is fully integrated within the architectural design, as we have done at Co-op Live, where fans have a wealth of options, including bars, cocktail lounges and high-end restaurants, all located strategically to capitalize on crowd movements around the venue.

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    New technologies

    Our team is constantly researching emerging technologies to improve the efficiency of both Front of House and Back of House operations. Behind the scenes, this might involve more energy efficient, sustainable and compact cooking equipment and refrigeration units, while out front, solutions like frictionless payment can reduce queue times, with the dual benefits of greater fan satisfaction and increased revenues.

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    Creating levels of choice

    The more choices that fans have, the more inclusive the event experience becomes and the more opportunities there are to bring in revenue.

    At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, we created a range of hospitality options, from the lively street food-inspired Market Place — which even has its own microbrewery — all the way up to private suites and Michelin star dining.

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