Master Planning

With our focus on people, built over three decades of working in traditional and emerging markets, our approach to master planning delivers wonderful spaces for hundreds of thousands one day and the local community the next.

At Populous, we design a long-term vision, the framework in which a development can evolve such as the Melbourne Olympic Park Masterplan, Lord’s Cricket Ground Masterplan or the London 2012 Masterplan.

Our Masterplanning team considers cities and towns on a strategic level and how to create environments and places that not only interact with the venues we create but also capitalise on the potential and value they embody to make sustainable places that embed our buildings into both new and existing communities and their fabric.

Target Field, in Minneapolis, is the most ‘urban’ ballpark in the major league. However, the stadium maximizes its setting by creating pedestrian bridges to connect the ballpark to the city while providing access to every possible form of public transport as well as making the connection to Target Plaza, the park’s public gardens.

We are not only interested in the buildings we design, but also deeply interested in their effect and influence on their surrounding context and how they act as a catalyst for vibrancy, diversity and regeneration within cities.